Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

For all of us who don't have x-ray vision, locating a stud in the wall can be a little tricky.  There are the methods of yester-year....thump on the wall and when it "sounds" solid you have found the stud.  Look at the trim on the baseboard and determine where they nailed it...that is probably where the stud is.

Today's more modern solution is to use a stud finder.  They come in all varieties and range in price accordingly.  The basic stud finder beeps when it detects a solid object within the wall.

There are stud finders that;
1.  Locate the center of the stud.
2.  Locate any electric line within the wall
3.  Locate the stud with a deep sweep mode (for thick walls)
4.  Do all of the above and provide a laser level and 90 degree function for hanging things straight

So you get the idea that you find a modern stud finder that will suit almost any need.  Let me share a technique if you have a very basic stud finder.  First you hold the stud finder against the wall and hold down the button on the side.  After the initial beeping it is ready to be slid in the direction of the stud.  It will beep again when it finds the stud.....but wait there is more.  Take a pencil and make a very light mark on the wall that you can erase later.  That is just the side of the stud.  Now move the stud finder to the other side about 6 inches.  Hold down the button a second time and make a sweep from the other side.  It will beep again....take out that trusty pencil and make a light mark there too.  Now you have truly located that stud within the wall.  The typical stud is 1 and 1/2 inches wide and so should your two pencil marks.


  1. Maybe your wife should be writing the post on how to find a stud.....if you know what I mean. Love you, Dad.


  2. Ooh, great tip! My husband and I just bought a house and we've started hanging things up. This post was perfect timing!

  3. You are the best handy man I know!!! Keep going! I am learning a lot.


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