"Ask Dad" is a fun to way get a little help with your next building project.  Simple send me a link to your inspiration and I'll write the plans up for you, explaining just how to make it.  Let's tackle that project together!  Contact dad at dadbuiltthis [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Hello Dad,

    I'd like your help to make a desk for my husband using an old laundry door. The door has two z shapes on it, I'd like to feature these but the husband is a little unsure. What I can't figure out is how to build it so that the table could be turned so that we could use either side when we got bored with it. I also like the tressel style legs but I've no idea how to make these.

    I have a link to this couples dream table but I don't like what they ended up doing. The design I like is from Resortation Hardware

    Please help as I need something to use before end of January when he starts working from home.


  2. Hi dad! It is amazing that you are taking the time to do this for us! I follow Cheri's blog and am so excited to be following you now too.

    My oldest son just started kindergarten and I would love to make an old school house-style desk that has the piano hinge lid. Like this:

    Thanks for considering the suggestion!

  3. Hi Dad! I am grateful to you for sharing your great skills. I follow Cheri's blog and have always been impressed by your work. I recently bought a home that came with a sand box the problem is it does not have a lid. I found this great idea on pintrest for a lid that converts to a bench when you fold it up.

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents and considering my idea.

  4. Hi Dad! I want to know how to turn an existing sailboat into a twin bed. The "teaching someone to fish" trick is taking forever. I mean, maybe I should worry about a deck job first. Kind of like this: But a little more rustic.

    I am so happy you started this blog!

  5. I am so excited to hear about your blog! I have wanted a square table that seats 8 and then extends to seat 10 or even 12! I saw one in Pottery Barn FOREVER ago and they don't sell it anymore. Even if they did it's not in my style of finish (rustic wood top, white bottom) and it would be WAY out of my price range anyway! If you could help me figure it out, I would be incredibly grateful!
    Here is the link:
    PS this might be WAY too much to ask but if you know how to put the leaves in the table so they fold out that would be awesome!!!

  6. Hi There!
    Your work is amazing and you are very talented!
    I absolutely love this cabinet and wondered if you could create some plans for it.
    The place where I found this piece has a light green one on display, I could order one, but it could take up to 6 months to get it, plus since it is a special request I would be paying a small fortune in shipping. We might be able to build it ourselves and save some cash.
    Thank You!!!

    1. Hi Breck,
      It's me again! After much thought my husband and I are thinking we might be ready to tackle this project and build it ourselves. I'm wondering if you would be willing to help draw up some plans for us. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
      Thank You!!!

  7. I would like to subscribe by email, so I get a reminder to check out the site. Easy request huh? I'm currently trying to sell our house, so I will be looking for new ideas when we purchase our new house!

  8. I have been searching online for a hutch/ cabinet to hide my crockpot and other cooking appliances in. I have space in my kitchen but no direction. Any ideas would be appreciated. Help me dad!

  9. I am considering your superhero bed for my two young sons. Would it be possible to put a mattress underneath the bed as well???

  10. J McKellar February 26, 2013
    I am going to build the table and bench from the plans. I have hit a snag though... I live in the Tristate area of KY, OH, and WV...I cannot find a supplier that has the 4x6x8 lumber in the area. Would it be possible to take (2) 2x6x8 and clue them together with industrial adhesive and screws, as an alternative?

  11. Where do you get your 4x6 beams for your Farmhouse Table? Thank you for your help and ideas.

  12. I am going to attempt to make the Corbel Entry Table that you made. I printed off the plans and taped them together and it only came to about 26' tall. I was curious how tall the base is suppose to be. I printed it using acutal size.

    Thank You

  13. I am testing to build your chevron farmhouse table and I want to build it with extensions to fit 14 with extensions and 10 without. Can you help me modify your plans to do this? I was thinking I may need to frame in the table halves to make it look right if I did center extensions.

  14. The table dimensions I am going for are below.
    96"-131"L x 46"W x 31"H; with two 17½" leaves
    108"-143"L x 46"W x 31"H; with two 17½" leaves


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