Monday, November 5, 2012

Wooden Snowman

This snowman is easy to make for yourself, family or neighbors.  My wife and I ( I cut and she adds her fantastic art ability) have made two different versions.  The first version has a broom for hanging treats, while the second has a light to warm your heart and brighten any spot in your home.  And you thought I made only big stuff!

Materials Needed;                  Material Cost; light $3, dowel $.99
                                                  everything else was scrap material.

One small piece of 3/4" MDF scrap
One 18" long piece of 7/16 wooden dowel

To make your snowman simple print out the PDF pattern supplied here and trace it on your material. For the holly and the carrot we used a small piece of luan ( a thin plywood like material). Cut it out and have fun painting it any way you can imagine. Below you will see a picture of one done in a simplistic way by dipping minature marshmallows (acting as stamps) into brown acrylic paint and stamping the eyes and smile on.  Hot glue it everything together when you are done.  Now take a block of scrap MDF and drill a 7/16 inch hole all the way through it.  Put the dowel in it before you attach it to the back of the snowman with hot glue.  The dowel will help you get the broom in the correct position (not tilted to one side) as you do glue it on.  Add a little block at the bottom to stabilize the snowman (shown below). 

We added brown on the edges from a stamp pad to give a more shabby look along with a couple of beads for holly berries. We also gave him a coat of polycrylic for durability. I like the added texture of spattered dots made with watered down white paint. OK! He is ready for the Christmas season and even a spot on the hearth where this snowman won't melt!

If you have chosen to make your Snowman with a light, this is the light we purchased from JoAnn Fabrics (with a coupon, only $3).  Make your stabilizing block a little bigger and glue it in place.

Here is another lighted variation with a simplified face (the mini marshmallow technique).


  1. That is so cute! I want one for my mantle now.

  2. This is a great idea and cheap enough to do for neighbor gifts. Way to go mom!


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