Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magnet Board

Now that your refrigerator is stainless where do you hang all of those beautiful works of art or important reminders?  You can purchase one of these for $400 or make one for $65....you decide.

Material List                     
Two 8 foot 2x6's
Two 8 foot 2x4's
Two 8 foot pieces of crown moulding
One 2 foot by 4 foot piece of galvanized metal sheeting
Decorative Iron work (Optional)

Material Cost $65

This magnet board is approximately 4 feet by 3 feet.  Adjust materials needed to the size of the board that works for you.  Take some time at the lumber company to get nice wood.  Included in that is nice straight wood.  Sight down each board to make sure you don't buy any bananas (that is trade talk for a really badly curved board).  Cut the outside 2 x 6's vertically in your saw to give a nice mitered joint.  You may need to cut an inch off of them resulting in a 2 x 5 to get the spacing you want in your finished board.  This depends on the size of crown moulding you have selected.  With that said nail the outside frame together or use screws to secure it.  It helps to keep the frame square as you put it together.  This reduces any problems you may have trying to square it up in the final stages.

Next cut the inside 2x4 to fit nicely inside your 2x6 frame.  Screw it or nail it to the outside frame.

Next cut your crown moulding to fit inside the frame you have just constructed.  Nail it in place and you're almost done.

Fill and sand any voids.  An old adage is "do your best and caulk the rest".  

Now we are ready to put on the metal sheeting.  I found this sheeting at The Home Depot (yes they know me by name).

I just secured it with screws being careful to measure to establish the location of the 2x4 interior frame.  The outside 2x6 is one and one half inches plus the three and one half inches of the 2x4.  So, I knew I shouldn't go in any further than five inches.  I am pre-drilling at about four and one half inches in the photo.

The decorative iron work was something they had on the wall previous to the magnet board.  So we thought, let's just add it to the board.  At 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall this baby rivals any refrigerator.  Sorry I am not a photographer, the metal looks rippled but it doesn't appear that way in person.  Even if you got a ripple or two in it, your going to put many items over it so it won't really detract from your work of art.


  1. neat! My kids would love this. I've seen some blogs saying to put a pan (an oil drip pan? or some such), but this is so much classier. Plus, you could cover the metal part with fabric or paper, and have a bulletin board without those thumbtacks aka choking hazard.


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