Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tip

How do I make a straight cut on a long board or sheet of plywood?

Well there are three methods.

1.  Have them cut it at home depot with their panel saw...it's free and it probably fits better in your car or truck any way.

2.  Use a saw guide that fits on your circular saw.  Most circular saws have a keyway for a saw guide to fit into its base.  My DeWalt circular saw didn't come with a guide so I headed to home depot to look for one.  The DeWalt one was nice but so was the price.  So I bought the generic brand that said it would fit my saw.  It did, perfectly, however, it didn't have the proper size set screw to hold the guide in place.  So as long as I was at the home depot I went over to the nuts and bolt department and looked in there thumbscrew collection and picked out a thumbscrew that looked like it should work.  Rather than taking it home to see if it fit my saw I headed back to the hardware department and tried it in their dewalt and saw.  The threads were the correct pitch and it worked like a charm.  To use this bad boy you just set it for the width you want to cut and use it on the side of the board to guide you down the length of your cut.  It's really handy and a lot cheaper than a table saw.

3.  The poor mans saw guide is a 2 x 4 clamped to the board you want to cut in a straight line, just account for the base width of your circular saw and use the board as a guide as you move your saw down the material you are cutting.  You must keep a little bit of pressure against the 2 x 4 as you move along.

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