Friday, October 19, 2012

Laundry Folding and Cubbies

Wouldn't you love to put more order in your laundry room? Here is the best way to do it in a small space.  Pick the size you want to build! It is fast, easy and you will be leaving in no time to purchase the baskets of your choice to monogram. The kids can finally find their clean clothes instead of bugging you. You never know, they may even carry them to their own room!  Okay, you can dream!!

Material List;                                 Material Cost $85 plus top

3 sheets of 3/4 in. x 23-3/4 in. x 97 in. white melamine shelving
1 box of 1-1/2 in. drywall screws

Choices for top (select one)
1.  4 ft. Formica top  add $54
2.  Melamine for top add $27 (this is the same material and in addition to the 3 sheets above. We use a double thickness for a melamine top)

Dad's Note; Before we get started please note that the drawings and material costs are for a "6 basket" unit.  The pictures are ones that I made for.....yup, one of my daughters!  And she wanted a 12 basket unit. 

This project is super easy. The 3 sheets of white melamine shelving need to be cut as outlined in the diagram below.  Shoot, Home Depot will even cut them for you!!!  Their saw is a little less kind on the edges.  There may be some chipping.  I prefer to take them home and do it myself with a sharp blade.

To assemble the unit we use the 1 ft. pieces to serve as our spacers for the shelves.  In other words, you first screw a 1 ft. piece to the vertical side piece (starting at the bottom).  Repeat this for the other side.  So at this point you have to vertical boards ( the 3' 1-1/2" boards) with a 1 ft. spacer screwed in place.  Next we place a shelf board (3' 4-1/4") on  top of our 1 ft. spacers.  Take care to line up the front edges of your shelf with the front edge of the vertical boards.  Now screw the shelf in place from the side.  Take another 1 ft. board and place it in the center of the unit, under the shelf you just screwed in place.  Place screws down through the bottom shelf to hold that 1 foot board in place.  We are ready to add our next shelf.  Again take a 1 ft. board and place it along side the vertical board and screw them in place.  Add the second shelf board (3' 4-1/4") and screw it in place, again being careful to line up the front edge with the vertical boards.  Add another 1 ft. board in the center and screw it in place from the top.  Add the remaining 3-1 ft. boards and screw the outside boards to the verticals.

You can now add your choice of tops.  Cut the formica top to fit or cut the Melamine top and use both pieces to have a double thickness top.

To secure the unit in place just locate a few studs and screw one of the sides to the wall.  If the unit will be free standing (not attached to a side wall) screw a cleat ( a scrap piece of melamine or another board of your choosing) on the back wall to a height that is just under the second shelf.  This will allow you to screw the cleat to a stud in the wall and then give you something to screw down through the top of the second shelf to fix this baby to the wall.  Take some bathtub caulk/adhesive and caulk all of the joints to dress it up and keep all of the center 1 ft boards in place.  You can even use the bathtub caulk/adhesive to glue the top (that you cut to fit) of your choice in place.  Put the caulk/adhesive on the top of all the verticals and put the top carefully over it.  Add some weight to hold the top firmly in place while it dries.  Let it sit over night and you are done.  Time for a photo op to show all your friends just how good you are!!!  Don't boast too much or you will be helping them make one for their house.


  1. I just want to formally adopt you to be my dad too! But, since that is unlikely. I will have to learn from your expertise via the internet. Keep bringing the great plans! Love what you have posted. Thanks, Patty

  2. What would the board and cut plan look like for a 9 basket unit?

  3. I was wondering the same thing as Craig. How would the cuts be for a 9 basket unit?

  4. I wouldn't use melamine shelving. We just did that and it fully fell apart. It was not sturdy at all. We are going to build it again with MDF boards and real wood on the sides to help it out. We plan on adding a bottom piece to it and wheels because it will be in the basement. This project was made in 2012. So be aware that the shelving that fully fell apart was $100 and the top was $60.


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