Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Farmhouse Snack Bar - Buffet

This easy to make snackbar is a great addition to any kitchen eating area where there are never enough seats to go around.  It's wide enough to eat at and its perfect homework. Placed right where you can keep your eye on your crew! Only a small space is required so put it on any blank wall that you might have and then invite the neighbor kids over for lunch.  Its strong enough to dance on but don't tell your kids that!

Materials:                                             Cost: $48.00           
3-8ft. 4X4's
1-8ft. 2X8 
2-8ft. 2x2's
3- 5/16in. lag screws 6 inches long
3- 5/16 washers   
1-small box of 3 in. deck screws  
1-small box of 2 1/2 in. deck screws

We start out by determining the length of the finished table.  For out example lets say we want the snack bar to be 8 feet long.  The 2 x 8 board that is 8 feet long (check them sometimes you can get a little extra) needs be made square.  Take a square and check the end of the board for squareness ( we are interested in making sure the board has good 90 degree angles because we are going to wrap this board with the 4 x 4's).  Cut this 2 x 8 to a length of 7 foot 5 inches long.  Take a 4 x 4 and cut the ends on a 45 degree angle, the measurement from the inside of one 45 degree cut to the inside of the other 45 degree cut should match that 7 foot 5 inches measurement of the 2 x 8.  Repeat with a second 4 x 4 for the other side.  That should leave us one 8 foot 4 x 4 to work with.  Cut the remaining 4 x 4 as follows; 2 pieces at 32 inches long (these will be the two legs), and two pieces cut to finish the ends of the snack bar at 45 degree angles.  These last two 4 x 4's cut on 45 degree angles will have their inside measurements match the width of the 2 x 8. Disregard the measurements on my drawing below.  These are the dimensions of my daughters snack bar.  This should give you an idea of the finished look and the cuts you want to make.

Now we need to cut the 2 x 2's to length.  These will act as cleats to fasten the 2 x 8 to the 4 x 4's.  Cut one of the  2 x 2's to a length of 80 inches.  The outside 2 x 2 will not run the whole length of the snack bar.  We need room for our legs to fit in.  The other 2 x 2 cut to approximately the same length as the 2 x 8.  
Now line up each 2 x 2 (they are highlighted in green in the cross section picture below) to its 4 x 4 and screw them together using the 2 1/2 inch screws.  Remember not to screw them to the 2 x 8 yet, but you can use the 2 x 8 as a gauge to ensure it will be flush with the top when we go to attach it.  It is best to pre-drill the 2 x 2 to prevent splitting it when you screw it to the 4 x 4.

 Now that you have the 2 x 2's fastened to the 4 x 4's place the 2 x 8 so it lines up like the drawing above.  Take extra care to make sure the 2 x 8 is flush with the end of the 4 x 4's 45 degree cut.  attach the 2 x 8 to the 2 x 2's with the 2 1/2 inch screws.  Pre-drilling these holes is a good idea too.  The two end 4 x 4's are attached to their mates with 3 inch deck screws.  If you look at the second photo in this post above you can see where I used two screws to join the 4 x 4's together.  The legs simply attach in each corner with 3 inch lag screws.  Remember you kept the 2 x 2 a little short to make room for the legs to fit into the corners.  When you screw the legs on do it from the undersurface so those screws don't show.

The snack bar pictured above was painted, then sanded to show some bare wood, the entire surface was stained and then wiped (to give a shabby chic appearance) and finally a few coats of clear polyurethane were applied.

Your little baby should be looking like this by now and you are ready to mount it to the wall.  Locate about 3 studs in your wall and use the lag screws to attach it to the wall.  Again, it is best if you pre-drill the holes in the snack bar it makes it a much easier process.


  1. LOVE it! I wish I had a spot for one in my house :)

  2. Thank you for your blog. I'm so excited to start some projects...or have my husband start some projects. ;)

  3. I loooove this! I need to build one.

  4. I love the mitered corners. Looks very classy.

  5. Pretty sure I've seen a few kids actually dance on that puppy! Built like a rock!


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